The following members of the Caren household maybe contacted via email
  1. Loris Caren.
  2. Christine Caren
  3. Rosalind Caren is on hotmail and has a facebook presence.
  4. George Caren has a bebo account.

Loris Caren

Wears sandals, drinks wine. 
For those interested, Christine did some research on my family tree.
Video of sporting and other interests are up on youtube.

Dr. Christine Caren

Hardworking GP.  Christine CarenChristines familly tree is also published here.

Rosalind Caren

Married and working as a teacher in south London. Proud owners of their own flat with garden in Lewisham.

George Caren

Aged fourteen, and starting to mention medicine rather than Combine Harvester management as a career. However, what George would really like to do is to be a Ray Mears. George Caren in Xanthos, Turkey